Enter the World of Crystals

Saturday February 6, 11:00am-1:00pm
$35 workshop fee

picture of stones on a piece of wood

Your facilitator

As a child Dalis Andrews often found rocks and broke them open with a hammer. She learned very early that rocks aren’t just rocks. Since then her life has been speckled with collecting and learning as much as she can about rocks and crystals. Her experience is hands-on self-discovery coupled with the wonderful knowledge that comes from positive reinforcement. She considers her crystal collection a very large part of her physical, emotional and spiritual healing. Dalis is a Certified Crystal Healing Practitioner (CCHP) in addition to being a Certified Reiki Master, where she includes the energy and power of crystals. You can find Dalis on the web at https://holisticlifesource.com/.

About this experience

Become enthralled as you enter the world of crystals for physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. You will learn about balancing chakras with crystals, how and where to find the crystals, how to select them, and which crystals work well together. You will cleanse and charge them, learn to use them in healing, daily protection, in meditation and in healing “grids” for yourself. You will also practice reading and feeling crystals with patience, awareness and intuition.
Already have some rocks and crystals? Feel free to bring them for the discussion and sharing time about crystal energy and what they can and have done for you. If you have a crystal journal don’t hesitate to bring it to add new information. There will be crystals available to purchase if you want to add to your collection.

In studio experience limited to 8 participants

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