Know your Body, Know your Grief™

Monday evenings 7:00-8:15, July 13 through August 17
$15 per session

stylized picture of body in lotus bloom

Your facilitator

Facilitator and owner of Quest for Balance Wellness, j Miranda, is a certified yoga instructor and has maintained a practice as a certified life and bereavement coach for 20 years. In addition to this grief support experience, j is available for individual appointments.

About this experience

Part grief group and part mindful yoga practice, Know Your Body, Know Your Grief™ helps individuals process grief through the body. This 6 week experience empowers healthy grieving and cultivates meditation and yoga as a way to connect with the body to address and engage with the experience of loss.

We know that when we are facing loss of any sort, the companionship and support of others can be essential to our healing process. Much like a traditional grief support group, there will be time for sharing our experience of grief and receiving the healing presence of deep listening from those around us. Yoga helps us come to presence in the body and accept what is in the present moment while releasing the pain and trauma stored in our tissues. Yoga provides a practice to personalize our experience of grief and reminds us of our wholeness even in our sense of loss.

Each week, we will begin the time together sharing with one another and providing a safe space for whatever is present.  We end with a 30-minute yoga practice.

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