Get To Know Our Teachers

Quest for Balance Wellness is staffed by highly trained and professional teachers certified by leading schools. Each teacher demonstrates a commitment to continuing education by attending workshop and training opportunities.

Deanna Burkett

Deanna Burkett

Deanna is a masters-level mental health professional, Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) teacher, and Kripalu Yoga teacher (200-CYT) with nationally recognized work in mindfulness-based programming. She has been teaching yoga and mindfulness-based interventions since 2007; she currently teaches online with and has a guided meditation channel on the Aura app, called "Mindfulness of Body." Her teaching of yoga and meditation is grounded in mindful awareness of the body, and it is influenced by her own experiences of the insights and healing that a connection to the body can offer.

Classes: Yoga for Alignment and Balance, Community Yoga, Awake in the Body: Cultivating Mindful Awareness in Meditation and Daily Life, Insight Dialogue



Laura Conners

Laura Conners

Artist and co-owner of Split Cedar Studios, Laura Conners has been a yoga practitioner since 1994, and teaching since 2007. She completed her 200-hour yoga teacher training with Cityoga of Indianapolis, IN and her 500-hour certification through the Mindfulness Yoga & Meditation Program at Spirit Rock Center of California in 2012. Laura teaches Hatha yoga with an emphasis on mindfulness, a practice that combines breath awareness and movement to increase flexibility and strength, promote greater ease and concentration, and create relaxation and balance in the body and mind.

Classes: Gentle Yoga, Community Yoga, Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga.

Elise Gallagher, RYT500

Elise Gallagher

Yoga was first introduced into Elise’s life 20 years ago as a tool to help combat wrist pain from overuse playing tennis and violin. While she recognized the physical benefits, she lost her practice over time and didn’t stick with it. In 2016, Elise found herself at her worst, battling severe depression, anxiety, weight gain, and overall poor health after going through a divorce, drinking, smoking, and doing very little physical activity. Yoga kept coming up in her mind, as it had at different times over the years, and this time she felt compelled to bring it back into her life and slowly worked up to a daily practice of Ashtanga yoga and meditation. Committing to the practice, and becoming a dedicated student of yoga, changed Elise’s life. Elise credits her yoga practice for restoring her health, managing her depression and making better choices to take care of herself, both physically and emotionally. Elise found confidence and love for herself on the mat that she was able to carry off the mat into her daily life and wants to share that with others. She is a 500 hour instructor.

Classes: Ashtanga Yoga


Andrea Miller

Andrea Miller

Yoga has been a part of Andrea’s life since 2005. It has helped her grow stronger, more flexible and fearless, both on and off the mat. Her practice reminds her to live each moment more mindfully. Having taught yoga since 2007, she received her RYT200 training from Chris Yovanovich at Peace Through Yoga in 2011 and looks forward to continuing her training in the future. She enjoys bringing creative sequencing and a spirit of playfulness to her classes.

Classes: Yoga for Alignment and Balance, Sunrise Yoga, Community Yoga

Allen Richardson

Allen Richardson III

Allen Richardson III first experienced yoga in 2012 during his last season of college football. After graduating with a degree in Health and Exercise Science, he decided to start his journey in the health industry as a personal trainer. Since 2013, Allen has been working in the wellness world to develop a unique understanding of health. In March 2019, searching for better ways to utilize his gifts, he decided to close down his fitness studio and return to his yoga mat to form a more integrated approach to health. Yoga has equipped him with tools to better help transform all dimensions of being. He uses his knowledge of anatomy and physiology to tap into the energy of body helping to improve posture, balance, and stability. Allen loves to empower others and the connection between the mental and physical, which leads to the true authentic self.As a

Classes: Yoga for Strength and Mobility, Community Yoga


j Miranda

j Miranda is the studio owner. j teaches a variety of classes and collaborates with other teachers in meaningful ways.  Read more here.

Classes: Sunrise Yoga, Gentle Yoga, Community Yoga, Reiki all levels, Meditation, Mindful Living

Yoga teacher jennifer cole

Jennifer Cole

Jennifer began exploring yoga in 1994. Interested in nutrition and fitness, she originally sought yoga as a balance to the more strenuous workouts in her life. Over time, she realized how the centering, grounding and calming benefits of yoga complemented much more than just her physical health. Throughout her adult life, she appreciates that her yoga practice is always waiting for her on her mat, offering peace, vitality and consistency regardless of how the outer world is changing around her. Her interest in deepening her practice and exploring the ancient principles of yoga led her to complete a 200-hour yoga teacher training at Cityoga.

Humbled by the opportunity teaching yoga offers her, her intention is to bring a variety of ideas and approaches to engage students in an exploratory, creative, and fun practice.

Classes: Family Yoga


Jamie Sweet Douglas

Jamie received her 200-hour training to become a registered yoga teacher (RYT200) in August 2016.  Since then she has taught vinyasa-style classes at Quest for Balance studio.  Jamie also developed a chair yoga class for the studio and has led summer and winter Hiking and Yoga classes.

Jamie completed training in the fall of 2016 to become a space holder/leader for the Yoga of 12 Step Recovery (Y12SR).  She has also completed a Yoga for Seniors Teacher training at Kripalu in May of 2018.

Classes: Gentle Yoga, Chair Yoga, Yoga and Hiking

Kim Green

Kimarie Green

Kim Green began her yoga practice with Diane Ault in 2004 and returned to yoga again at Quest for Balance in 2017.  Kim completed her 200-hour yoga teacher training with Indiana Yoga in Lebanon, IN in October of 2018.  Kim’s practice is strongly influenced by Laura’s gentle and mindful approach and Jeanne’s continuous learning and sharing of innovative ways to move.  “It gets me grinning.  I am delighted to have this opportunity to practice with you at such a warm and inviting studio.  And so many great props!”

Classes: Chair Yoga, Gentle Yoga, Community Yoga



Sherry Mou

Sherry Mou is Professor of Modern Languages (Chinese) and Director of East Asian Studies at DePauw University. She has practiced Tai Chi for more than 20 years and is always fond of practicing it with others.

Sherry introduced Tai Chi to the studio in 2019 and continues to offer a regular series of classes.

Class: Tai chi

Jeanne Servais picture

Jeanne Servais

Jeanne’s yoga teaching style has continued to evolve since she began teaching in 2009. The most influential trainings that inform her yoga style have been her 200 hour yoga teacher training in the Shambhava Yoga tradition, Jill Miller’s Yoga Tune-Up, Cecily Milne’s Yoga Detour Method and Katy Bowman’s Nutritious Movement. With a focus on breath mechanics and increasing body awareness, her classes incorporate strengthening exercises and movement to enhance joint mobility.
Currently living in Temecula, California, Jeanne has relied on her yoga practice to navigate recent significant changes in her life. “I found that I just need to lay out my mat, keep it open and step onto it. Then the magic happens.”

Class: Move Well (Yoga)

Debi Swinford

Debi Swinford

Debi has practiced yoga for 20 years and taught for 15. Her unique classes are a combination of meditation, breathwork and vinyasa flow, building strength while finding peace, calm and power. She also teaches Pilates, toning, and meditation. Debi is a Certified Reiki Master.

For 45 years, Debi has been an endurance athlete, completing a host of single and multi-day endurance events including 3 Iron Man triathlons and countless adventure races. Debi resides in Fillmore where she celebrates her two grown children and enjoys being Nanny to her grandchildren. She received her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training from Cityoga in 2012, completed Yin Yoga Teacher Training at Exalt in July, 2019; and Y12SR, Yoga for 12 Step Recovery in 2020.

Classes: Yoga for Strength and Mobility, Pilates, Yin Yoga, Meditation/Vinyasa Flow.