Coaching for Grief and Loss

Meeting you where you are

As part of the Quest for Balance Wellness mission, we center the individual and strive to provide the community with high quality grief support services, education, and resources. Certified Grief Educator and Coach Jai Miranda has cared for individuals, families, and organizations for 20 years.

Jai's person-centered approach recognizes the uniqueness of each person and their experience. Loss comes in a variety of ways, not just death. In addition to death-based losses, Jai is trained to support those living with serious illness or navigating life transitions like divorce, job loss, retirement, “empty-nest” or other significant life changes. Jai draws on best practices from the fields of narrative therapy, yoga, meditation, and mindfulness.

The Coaching Session

Before your first session, I want to take some time to get to know you and how I can best support you. As part of this introduction, you will complete an intake form and a basic grief assessment which allows us to collaborate and work together to support your healing. I don't use a particular book or method, rather, your plan of care is designed around your loss, your strengths as you identify them, and ways you prefer to learn. Between each session, you have access to resources and materials to support your growth.

Not sure if you are ready for counseling? Schedule time with me to talk about your needs or call 765-247-2272. I would be humbled to help you.

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