Explore Crystal Healing

Saturday January 14, 2023 , 10:00am-1:30pm
$75 workshop fee, sliding scale available, contact the studio for more information

explore crystal healing January 14 2023

Your facilitator

Jai has had a lifetime fascination with rocks and stones. In fact, each time they move, someone usually asks "what's in this box, rocks?" to which the answer is always yes! Jai has studied and used stones in both meditation and healing practices for nearly 30 years.

About this experience

This interactive workshop will focus on the healing properties of crystals. The interactive experience is a mix of presentation, discussion, and hands-on work with stones and ways to use them. There will be ample time to learn about the different families of stones and how they have been used throughout history. There will also be plenty of time to explore a broad collection of stones as a way of understanding how we come to choose those we want to use in our practice.
The workshop includes your choice of a crystal bundle, a guidebook that includes information about stones, handouts and a series of simple exercises and meditations to help you integrate stones into your daily practices, and a selection of other tools to get you started or advance your practice. This workshop is perfect for both the curious explorer and healing practitioner.

Already have some rocks and crystals? Feel free to bring them along so that you can use them during the workshop. There will be crystals available to purchase if you want to add to your collection.

Have a question? Contact us to learn more.